1How can i contact you?
Well you can write an email to: service@screenveil.com to us or click "contact"button on the main page to reach to us, we will reply you back within 12 hours.Call us at:0086 170 6234 7541
2Do you have Online chatting service?
We have skype for online discussion or talking service. Search our account: koden357
3Can we do video interview?
Well we understand that each client will be very cautious when finding a new supplier. They may worried that the supplier will deceive them and take their money away. So we want clients to see the real us to remove your doubts.
4Can you become our representative in China?
We welcome clients to consult us for the availability to establish such business modes. Owned a hardworking and bond team, we can collect, Shipping, Factory-checking,Quality Control service for our clients. Our Office is located in Shenzhen, China. A young but a blooming city with developing technology, and welcome to your consultation.